Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes

Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are different from other pointe shoes. They have a beautiful classic look on the outside, but a fully modernized interior to meet the needs of today's athletic dancers. The shanks and boxes are made from polymers prized for extraordinary flexibility, strength, and resilience. Gaynor Minden pointe shoes have been tested to withstand hundreds of thousands of releve's without any weakening or deformation of the shank or box. We offer the EXTRA FLEX Shank which is Gaynors second hardest shank(the yellow bag). The linings are treated with silver ion, and are textured to help prevent the shoe from sliding. Poron Performance Cushioning throughout absorbs impact and noise, and makes the shoes incredibly comfortable.

Because Gaynor Minden pointe shoe boxes and shanks do not deteriorate or lose their shape, they must never be fitted too tight, too wide, or too stiff.

You can achieve a customized fit by selecting width, size & box size, and style. "Width" refers to the midfoot area, behind the box.

"Size" is the shoe size and the box size combination. We suggest you order a size to a size and a half above your actual ladies shoes size.

"Style" refers to the shape and the heel and vamp height.

Sleek (SK) is a deep vamp and low heel with less satin at the back half of the shoe.

Sculpted (SC) is also a deep vamp with not quite as low of a low heel and a more generous amount of satin in the back half of the shoe. This cut kinda gives your point shoe a waist area in your mid foot.

Classic (CL) is a deep vamp and a high heel.